MSEF Region V Student Registration and Abstract

Fields marked with an * are required

This form serves as registration for the regional fair. It is the responsibility of the student entering the project to complete the abstract and any required ISEF forms. An incomplete submission will not be considered for competition and registrations fees will be forfeited by the entrant.

Each project submission must be accompanied by $30.00 registration fee.  Schools must submit a single combined payment for all entries. The single check should be mailed to: Region V MSEF, Shana Lee, 200 McCain Hall, Mailstop 9544, Miss. State, MS 39762 Schools should provide instruction on how to submit payment.

Parent Certification

Signature required for ALL Exhibitors. This is to certify that as the parent or legal guardian of the above-indicated student, I give my permission for his/her participation in the Mississippi Science and Engineering Fair program. I further certify that I release any and every liability, claim, right of action of any kind or nature, which my child or legal representative may have for any and all bodily or personal injuries or property damages or any other damages resulting therefrom, whether caused by negligence or other acts or missions or releases or otherwise which might occur during participation in the MSEF programs, any host institution(s), any regional or state fair sponsor(s), or the representative(s) thereof, and the management or owner(s) of any physical facility in which any fair is conducted.

Key Teacher Certification

I have reviewed the form(s) for both correctness and completeness. I further certify that (1) this project follows all proper procedures involving humans and/or vertebrates, (2) that school officials pre-approved the questionnaire(s) and that I and others in the school take full legal and ethical responsibility for both the questionnaire and its use in human research, and (3) that the research behind the project and display represent the work of this student. I therefore certify this registration to be a complete, authorized entry in the current year’s Regional MSEF Fair.